Supervision for practitioners

Counselling Practitioner Supervisor in Saffron Walden

Remote Counselling Services - If you are currently housebound or isolated

My aim is to provide professional counselling services which are accessible and convenient - so anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime, anywhere. With several options available please get in touch and we can arrange the method that you feel most comfortable with
Appointments available via-
Skype / Whats App Video / Face time / Messenger Video / Zoom / Telephone Call / Any other of your choice

The aim of supervision to help protect the client first also to improve the ability of the counsellor to provide value for their clients.

Confidentiality Agreement

There is a requirement for confidentiality between a counsellor and their client and this is a vital area that needs to be understood by the counsellor. Personal details shared during supervision are also protected by a confidentiality agreement.

What is Counselling Supervision?

Supervision is a professional service where I act as a mentor to facilitate the you to reflect on your own feelings, thoughts and emotions and, with many years’ experience, I can provide useful feedback. Counselling Supervision will enhance your training, development and effectiveness as a counsellor to respond to the needs of your clients. I can help you to develop in the five main areas of a counsellor/client relationship:

  • Deepen your professional knowledge
  • Awareness of your own responses
  • Review your professional practice
  • Continuously develop your skills
  • Manage your caseload

What does a Supervisor provide?

I provide an environment where you will feel understood and supported. I can also challenge, instruct and assist you with your counselling work.  As a supervisor, it is my responsibility to provide conditions to assist you to contemplate your counselling experiences as subjects for reflection and interpretation.