Group Work Sessions FOR Emotional Health and well-being

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My aim is to provide professional counselling services which are accessible and convenient - so anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime, anywhere. With several options available please get in touch and we can arrange the method that you feel most comfortable with
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I am a professional counsellor and therapist with many years’ experience as a group work practitioner. I deliver group work and workshops designed and tailored to group work and training.

How does Group Counselling work?

Put simply, group therapy and group counselling allow individuals to receive the encouragement and support of the other members of the group. In any group, the engagement of others going through similar situations can provide immense support. Group members can serve as role models to other members of the group and members often discover new ways to relate and connect with others. I provide a range of group therapies, each tailored to specific situations, including:

Group work for Companies and Organisations

Suitable for a wide range of industries. I offer bespoke sessions to suit groups. The opportunity to work with people and departments who you rarely interact with brings increased understanding and cooperation to your organisation. This could be a one-off workshop or a series of workshops.

Process Group Work

Unexpressed emotions can be a cause of why people experience difficulties and distress. Sharing your thoughts and feelings in a safe, supportive and trusted environment is an important part of group therapy and strongly affects how much you will be helped.

Personal Development Group

Ideal for training professionals, I can tailor groups to suit different levels and professions. During a personal development group, members share their thoughts, emotions and challenges with the group and issues may surface for individuals. Boundaries will be set out in advance.

Support groups

A support group provides an opportunity for people to share personal experiences, feelings and coping strategies. The aim is to provide support, build confidence and increase personal success. Talking to other people with a similar experience can help people cope with a range of situations.

Experiential Group Work

A self-reflective practise group with a focus on self-awareness, helpful for training counsellors. I can assist groups to explore the effectiveness of current thought and behaviour patterns with the opportunity to try out new approaches, attitudes and skills within a safe rehearsal ground.

Group Supervision

Group supervision entails the use of a group setting to enable members to reflect on their work. By sharing skills, experience and knowledge, the aim of the group Supervision session is to improve the skills and ability of both individuals and the group.